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Lunt Solar Internal Double Stacking module - Pressure Tuned - for LS80THa - LS80Ha/PT/DSII

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Lunt Solar Internal Double Stacking module - Pressure Tuned - for LS80THa

The LS80Ha/PT/DSII from Lunt Solar Systems is an internal Double Stacking module intended for use in the Lunt LS80THa solar telescope to reduce the bandpass to < 0.5 Angstrom.

Lunt Solar Internal Double Stacking module - Pressure Tuned - for LS80THa Features:

  • A Narrow Band Hydrogen-alpha Etalon Filter

  • An internal Etalon with a Pressure Tuner yields a bandpass of <0.5 Angstrom when installed in a Lunt Solar LS80THa solar telescope

More About the Lunt Solar Internal Double Stacking module - Pressure Tuned

The excitement of viewing our Star through a dedicated solar telescope is sure to provide many many hours of visual enjoyment and educational insights. This package is fully upgradeable at any time without ever having to go back to the factory. As the Sun becomes increasingly more active, you will appreciate that the instrument can grow right along with it.

The Lunt LS80THa Solar Telescope, complete with a Pressure Tuner,  provides the basic essentials perfect for a first time introduction to solar observing, while also including the newest technology for fine tuning. When this Internal Double Stacking Module from Lunt Solar is installed in your existing scope, it will reduce the effective bandpass of the solar scope down to < 0.5 Angstrom. This provides extra resolution and improved contrast of many solar details and phenomena.

True Doppler Tuning (Pressure Tuning) allows for a shift into and away from the user, adding a 3D-like component to the viewing experience. While it has minimal effect on proms due to their being at the edge of the disk, it does have an effect on filaments and active regions on the surface. While looking at a filament at the center of the Sun the user has the ability to Doppler shift from the base of the filament to the tip, following the filament through it’s structure toward you and away from you, allowing for enhanced visual and imaging capability for the observer as well as a research tool for the avid hobbyist. The pressure tuning system provides an order of magnitude more precision to the tuning of the desired features.

This product must be used in a Lunt Solar LS80THa telescope system and it cannot be used as a solar filter by itself! Do NOT attempt to use this product as a filter for observing the Sun in a stand-alone configuration!

Note: Your product may look slightly different from that shown in the accompanying photo!