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Konus Biorex 3 Trinocular Biological Microscope 1000x - 5605

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SKU: KON-5605

Konus Biorex 3 Microscope is a research grade microscope used by research labs and students alike.

  • The Konus Biorex 3 has a 360 degree revolving trinocular head that is great for imaging and visual observation.

  • Included with the Biorex 3 are two Wide Field eyepieces at 10x and 18x.

  • The Trinocular nosepiece of the Konus Biorex 3 is great for photography

  • Focusing is precise with the Konus Biorex 3 because of it's metal construction and coarse and fine coaxial adjustments.

  • The Konus Biorex 3 has achromatic objectives DIN 4x, 10x, 40x, 100xs

  • Included is a 132x140mm built in mechanical stage

  • The Biorex 3 has a NA 1.22/0.24 swing out achromatic condenser

  • Built in illuminator 90-240V with 6v/20v halogen bulb

  • The illuminator brightness on the Konus Biorex 3 is completely adjustable

  • Included is a Blue Filter and a Anti-Dust Cover.

  • Blue filter

The Konus Biorex 3 Biological Trinocular 1000x Microscope 5605 has a 360 revolving trinocular head. The Konus Biorex 3 is Supplied with a dioptric compensation, as well as with coarse and fine focus adjustment, coaxial bilateral knob, and micro-metrical slide stage. Konus 5605 Biorex3 Microscope for biological studies comes with two wide field eyepieces 10x-18mm. Four achromatic objectives DIN 4x, 10x, 40xr, 100xs (immersion) of this Biorex-3 Binocular Microscope by Konus will give you a choice to choose. Magnification of Konus Biorex 3 Biological 1000x Microscope ranges from 40x to 1000x.