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Handheld Microscopes

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Handheld microscopes are among the most compact and portable types of microscopes you will find today, and we have them here at High Point. Depending on the handheld microscope, you can either look through an eyepiece or connect the microscope to a computer or laptop to view your subject. Handheld microscopes also allow for versatility in observing because you are able to move the microscope to view your subject at many different angles. Take them on the go for easy in-the-field observations. These handheld microscopes are small enough to go wherever your adventures take you.

There are many other clever features to look out for. Handheld microscopes often include a stand for hands-free applications. They also may include software to enhance your viewing experience. In fact, many models are able to capture photos and videos, so you can share your observations with colleagues, friends, and family.

Celestron has long been a trusted name in microscopy, so it’s no surprise they offer many different options for whatever kind of handheld microscope you are looking for. Celestron’s digital microscope, the MicroFi, is able to live stream the microscope’s views to your wifi-enabled devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Celestron Flipview includes an LCD screen so you can easily make adjustments to your Flipview and capture images and videos all at the touch of a button. We also offer handheld Barska microscopes to give you many affordable options to choose from.

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