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Konus Academy 1000x Biological Microscope - 5325

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SKU: KON-5325

The Konus Academy is a high quality biological microscope with a 360 degree revolving monocular head. Below are a list of primary features for the Konus Academy Microscope.

Konus Academy Microscope Features

  • The Konus Academy Microscope comes with a 10x wide field eyepiece.

  • Four achromatic objectives mounted on a revolving turret style monocular head come in 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x magnifications on the Konus Academy Microscope.

  • For a completely dialed in focus the Konus Academy comes with a micrometrical and macrometrical, double focusing mechanism.

  • The Konus Academy Microscope comes equipped with a movable stage with micrometric movements.

  • End-stop to ward off slide crash.

  • The Konus Academy has a light intensity control with 4 levels of brightness.

  • Transmitted light illumination with A.N. 1.2 condenser.

  • The Konus Academy is Microphotography Compliant.

  • Iris diaphragm and filter-holder.

  • The Konus Academy Microscope has a Halogen bulb - 12V/12W.

  • Included is a vinyl antidust cover to protect your Konus Academy Microscope.

A great microscope at a great price the Konus Academy Microscope comes equipped with a ton of features and accessories to get you or your students started on a journey of discovery!