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Konus Animal Reproduction Slide Set - 4862

SKU: KON-4862

Konus Prepared Slides for Microscopes, Animal reproduction, Part 1 - 10 Slides, 4862

For all animals, reproduction takes place through special organs (ovary and testes) producing eggs and spermatozoa which, after they have been fertilized, will give birth to a new being hatched either outside or inside the mothers body. This set includes eggs and spermatozoa as well as genital organs of various animals.

You get 10 prepared slides and 10 blank slides and they come in a sturdy and cool looking wooden case. Plus, it's in 8 languages; English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek!

This set of slides include the following:

  • Tapeworm of sheep proglottid t.s.

  • Honey bee ovaries of queen t.s.

  • Fish, testis with spermatozoa t.s.

  • Sperm smear of bull.

  • Testis of bull spermatogenesis t.s.

  • Ovary of rabbit ovogenesis t.s.

  • Fallopian tube of guinea pig t.s.

  • Uterus of pig, resting stage t.s.

  • Uterus of rat with embryo t.s.

  • Placenta of cat or pig t.s.