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LCD & Digital Desk Microscopes

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A digital microscope is a useful variation on the traditional optical microscope. Unlike other microscopes, these use optics and a digital camera to output the image to a monitor. The image can then be viewed on a computer, laptop, or any other digital device. LCD microscopes are a variation of this idea but these special microscopes include their own LCD observation screen. By illuminating an image onto a screen, digital and LCD microscopes can enhance contrast while lessening eye fatigue for the observer.

We choose to feature Celestron digital microscopes because they continue to improve their designs based on reviews, testimonials, and customer feedback. Moreover, Celestron offers digital microscopes for every budget. Celestron’s Portable LCD Digital Microscope features a large screen but is still small enough to go wherever your travels take you. At under $100, this is a great option for anyone interested in getting started with microscopes.

If you are not a novice behind the scope, consider the Celestron PentaView LCD Digital Microscope. This chic microscope will allow you to view the microscopic world in style. The built-in 5 MP digital camera gives you the ability to save and share your observations with others quickly and easily. This microscope also comes equipped with a 180-degree rotatable head, filter wheel, and LED illumination. This is microscopy at it’s finest! Check out many of the Celestron and Orion digital microscopes for more variations!

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