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Microscope Accessories

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Revolution: Micro Microscope Adapter Kit for R1 and R2

Revolution Imager Microscope Adapter Kit for R1 and R2 - RI-MICRO

  • Microscope Product Type: Microscope Accessories
  • Magnification (Power): 8x - 40x

At High Point Scientific, we have a full array of accessories for you to choose from to enhance your viewing experience when using a microscope. We feel the right accessories can make a world of a difference. On our website, you will find books, illuminators, adapters, slides, photography tools, and much more.

A set of glass slides is especially important to have. Without those, you wouldn’t have anything to observe! We offer a full assortment of prepared glass slides for you to explore the fascinating world of microscopy. With these prepared slides, you will be able to view cells of a wide variety of complexities. From simple organisms to bird and lizard cells, you will be amazed by how intricate something so small could be. In fact, these prepared cells could be a great tool for the teachers in the classroom. Students will get hands-on experience observing cell structures from the vegetables, humans, and other living organisms.

We also have many great books that offer tons of ideas on how to get started in microscopy. Both students and hobbyists can benefit from the lessons included. These lessons range from diagrams, how to make and store slides, projects, and much more.Not sure where to begin? Our experts are happy to help you get the most out of your microscope.

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