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Konus Bacteria Simple Organisms Slide Set - 4877

SKU: KON-4877

The Konus 4877 Slide Set comes with 10 slides. This kit is great for educational purposes. Check out the slide descriptions of the Konus Bacteria and Simple Organisms Slide Set below:

  • Hay bacilli (Bacillus subtilis)

  • Milk souring bacteria (Streptococcus Lactis).

  • Putrefaction bacteria (Proteus Vulgaris).

  • Intestinal bacteria (Escherichia Coli).

  • Paratyphoid bacteria (Salmonella paratyphi)

  • Bacillary dysentery (Shigella dysenteriae).

  • Pus bacteria (Staphylococcus pyogenes).

  • Bacteria from human mouth.

  • Bacteria from cheese.

  • Bacteria from leaven (Salmonella parathyphi)