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ZWO ASIAIR Pro WiFi Camera Controller for ASI Cameras - ASIAIR-PRO

  • Controls all ZWO ASI 3.0, cooled, and mini cameras
  • Compatible with Apple iOS 9.0 and higher on iPad, iPad Pro, and iPhone 6 and higher; as well as all Android phones and Android tablets with OS 5.0 or later
  • Enables standalone guiding and imaging
  • Has 128 GB of storage
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ZWO ASI174MM Mini Monochrome Imaging Camera

ZWO ASI174MM Mini Monochrome Astronomy Camera - ASI174MINI

  • Color or Monochrome Camera: Monochrome
  • Cooled or Uncooled: Uncooled
  • Pixel Array & Resolution: 1936 x 1216 (2.4 MP)
  • Pixel Size in Microns: 5.86
  • Sensor Model: IMX174
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