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Omegon 2.1 x 42 Wide Field Binoculars - 50354

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SKU: OMG-50354

Omegon 2.1 x 42 Wide Field Binoculars

These mini-binoculars are manufacturered by Omegon and allow observers to cast their eyes to the night sky with increased magnification, making observation and discovery all the more enjoyable. These binoculars are great for taking in entire constellations and star fields. Adding these to your observation tool box will make the stars appear brighter and clearer!

The small design will make these binocular seem as simple as wearing a pair of glasses, but they do so much more in helping observers look at the stars. These 2.1 x 42 binoculars are extremely fast and provide a super wide field of view. The comfortable style makes veiwing a pleasant experience, and they can be worn with regular eye glasses as well.

With a 12° field of view, the Wide Field Binoculars seem to transport you, or at least your eyes, to a mountain top submerged in absolute darkness. The viewing experience is that good! The 2.1x magnification power doubles the size of objects, as seen by the naked eye. The 42mm aperture is what makes these lenses "fast" as a large amount of light enters the eyes.

A pair of binoculars, such as these, are a great complement to a telescope. These star field binoculars are great to spot fascinating star constellations and their details to further investigate with a telescope. Either way, the visual adventures offered by these fantastic Omegon binoculars are sure to please observers as they discover the secrets of the stars.