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Omegon Tripod Ball-Head Pro OM8 - 54357

SKU: OMG-54357

Omegon Tripod Ball-Head Pro OM8

This Omegon Tripod Ball-Head works great for those looking for a tripod accessory to take on the go! The small OM8 Pro ball-head is light weight and great for travel with small tripods! This ball-head has a 2kg capacity for small and medium cameras.

Want a ball-head that works in all directions? Well, Omegon has got you covered. This OM8 ball-head is perfect when it comes to moving your camera freely in any direction. It also has two-spirit levels for perfectly aligned and angled images of the land or sky!

Panorama Scale

This great tool is perfect for an accuracte 360° pan that is easy to acheive with the line scale that has two divisions between 0 and 180-degrees.

Quick-Release Plate and Flat Clamping

The included quick-release plate allows users to easily and quickly mount a camera or binoculars onto a tripod! The side clamping bolt then fixes the camera or binoculars firmly in place. You can move the plate about an inch in either direction and a safety feature is in place if the clamp cannot be fully tightened. This means that your optics are always safe on the OM8 ball-head.


  • Capacity: 2kg (4.41lbs)
  • Material: Aluminum, black anodized
  • Threads: 3/8 tripod thread
  • Screws: 1/4" tripod screw for camera or binoculars and high-grip friction screw for smooth running
  • Inclination range (°): -95 bis +40
  • Bending Range (°): 360
  • Number of Levels: 3
  • Friction Adjustment: Ball Joint
  • Height: 9cm (3.54")
  • Weight: 0.31kg (0.68lbs)
  • Series: Pro
  • Width: 4.5cm (1.77")