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Optec NextGEN Ultra WideField 0.7XL Telecompressor - 17409

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Optec NextGEN Ultra Widefield 0.7XL Telecompressor
for Corrected Optical Systems

The Optec NGUW Next Generation Ultra WideField telecompressor is designed for use with an APO refractor like Takahashi's FS-Series or AstroPhysics or with other telescopes that have well-corrected optics, such as the Meade ACF or Celestron EdgeHD. While optimized for f/8, this high-quality 4-element reducer will work with focal ratios from f/5.6 to f/20. An f/8 system will yield a f/5.6 effective focal length when used with the NGUW, and, assuming the telescope itself has optics that are reasonably flat and free of aberrations, the addition of the reducer would also produce a highly corrected image up to 18mm in diameter that is nearly parfocal with the original image.

The NextGEN Ultra Widefield reducer has a 2" barrel on the telescope side, allowing it to slide into the Optec TCF-S focuser or any focuser or accessory that accepts 2" accessories. The camera side sports a male 2.1" diameter OPTEC-2100 dovetail to accept an optional Optec camera mounting adapter that is designed to attach to your imaging camera. You can purchase the Ultra Widefield alone or with a mounting adapter by choosing the proper option from the drop-down above.

The optical design of the Optec NextGEN MAXfield was created using Zemax and was optimized for four field points in three wavelengths - 450 nm, 550 nm, and 650 nm. The goal was to achieve the smallest blur diameters for each of the four field points. The design was modeled using an idealized telescope of f/8 with perfect optics. The resulting lens curvature was made without adjusting the radii to the optical lab's tool list. Custom tools were made for all surfaces.

The Optec NGUW is compatible with a wide range of imaging cameras with the proper mounting adapter (not included in base price). It is also compatible with front-mounted filters, such as with the IFW. The NEXTGen Ultra Wide Field Reducer has enough back-focus to accept an SBIG camera with the CFW8-10 filter wheel installed.

Placing Your Order In order to attach any of the Optec NextGEN telecompressors to a camera you will need the appropriate camera mount adapter. If you already have the right adapter and only need the reducer itself, make that choice in the above drop-down, check out, and you are good to go. However, if you need a mounting adapter, please read the instructions below to make sure you pick the right one and provide the proper information so the back-focus is right for your camera.

Ordering the Ultra Widefield with a Camera Mounting Adapter

It is very important that the back-focus distance of your camera mounting adapter be as accurate as possible so that your camera / NextGEN combination will perform to your expectations. In order to make that happen, Optec will create a mounting plate of the correct length for your set-up at no additional charge for customization. It is up to you to designate the thread type and length you require, however, and we are here to help you do that. Follow the steps below to figure out what you need to know before you place your order:

1. See if you can locate your camera in Optec Camera Mounting Plate Guide, a PDF available in the green "Files" tab above that includes a list of cameras, their thread type, and the required tube length for proper back focus. If you find your camera listed, lucky you...simply choose the matching option from the drop-down, transfer the tube length listed for your camera to the Tube Length text field, and place your order.

2. If your camera is not on the list and you know your back focus and the thread type for your camera, you can figure out the tube length by subtracting the back focus, measured in inches, from 2.39. Enter the resulting number in the text field given for this purpose (see PDF for an example of how the number should be entered) and make sure that you are choosing the mounting plate with the proper thread type before placing your order. Please Note: Your back focus distance should be known to +/- 0.04 inches (1mm) for best performance. The minimum tube length available is 0.52 inches for the NextGEN Maxfield (0.33X) or 0.67 inches for the NextGEN Wide (0.5X) or Ultra Wide (0.70X).

3. If you do not know your back focus, thread type, or need help or advice in any way regarding this purchase, you can speak to one of our customer service representatives by phone, chat or email. Remember, this is a custom-made part and once it is cut and shipped we cannot return it to the manufacturer, so we need to be certain that the tube length is right for your set-up. Don't be surprised if we give you a quick call to double-check your specs with you, even if you do know your back focus!