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Orion 2" Twist-Tight Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal - 40902

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SKU: ORI-40902

Orion 2" Twist-Tight Dielectric Mirror Diagonal Highlights

  • This 90º mirror diagonal with 2" barrel boasts sophisticated dielectric coatings with a superior reflectivity of 99%.
  • For a tighter grip than what the typical thumbscrew-equipped diagonal would provide, this diagonal features a twist-tight clamping mechanism to better hold inserted eyepieces and avoid scratches!
  • Dielectric mirror coatings offer more durability as well as improved reflectivity when compared to enhanced aluminum coatings.
  • Machined and anodized aluminum housing with machine-threaded glare baffles eliminates glare for optimal performance.
  • 2" nosepiece barrel is threaded to accept identical sized Orion filters, plus a step-down 2" to 1.25" adapter is included.

Orion 2" Twist-Tight Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal

The Orion 2" Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal has literally been given a new twist. With its twist-tight clamping system, this diagonal provides a substantial upgrade from the typical diagonals equipped with thumbscrews. Any inserted 2" eyepiece or accessory is fixed securely in place via a simple clockwise twist of this innovative 2" Dielectric Mirror Diagonal's red aluminum collar.

Typical diagonal that use thumbscrews are known to cause scratching and other damage to your valuable eyepieces. The ingenious twist-tight mechanism on this 2" Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal prevents these annoying scratches while also offering a tougher grip. Users will appreciate this diagonal even more during clear evening with low temperatures due to the ease with which the large, knurled collar can be tightened and loosened, even for those wearing thick gloves!

Built with a highly reflective mirror featuring lab-certified dielectric coatings that provide an incredible 99% reflectivity at its core, the Orion 2" Dielectric Twist-Tight Mirror Star Diagonal will assist you in realizing the brightest views possible through a refractor or Cassegrain telescope outfitted with a large, 2" focuser. Please keep in mind that diagonals are not recommended for use with Newtonian reflectors. Furthermore, as dielectric coatings have more durability when compared with enhanced aluminum coatings, users will enjoy outstanding efficiency without degradation year after year. This diagonal also features anodized aluminum housing with machine-threaded internal baffles to take care of those annoying internal reflections and glare, thereby further optimizing contrast and brightness.

This Orion 2" Twist-Tight Dielectric Mirror Diagonal comes with a useful 1.25" adapter to enable use with 2" as well as 1.25" telescope eyepieces, for added versatility. A twist-tight collar is found on both the 2" holder and the 1.25" step-down adapter to supply the same stable, self-centering, and scratch-free grip for both 1.25" and larger 2" eyepieces and accessories.

Favorably threaded to accept same-sized filters, this diagonal's 2" nosepiece barrel makes swapping out different eyepieces easy by allowing you to avoid the hassle of reconnecting the filter to each eyepiece over and over again. Includes protective caps to keep the diagonal dust-free between uses.

Orion 2" Twist-Tight Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal Specifications

  • Barrel Size: 2"
  • Coatings: Dielectric
  • Optical Quality: DIffraction limited
  • Filter Threads: Yes
  • Compression Ring: Yes
  • Weight: 20 oz.
  • Warranty: 1 year