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Orion Cooling Accelerator Fan for Large Reflector Telescopes - 07816

SKU: ORI-07816

Orion Cooling Fan for Large Reflector Telescopes

  • Small and quiet, this fan can be used to accelerate optical cooling for your large reflector
  • Cooling your telescope's optics will enhance the quality of the views you experience through your reflector substantially
  • With this handy, efficient cooling fan, you'll no longer have to endure long waits while your telescope cools down
  • Uses eight D-cell batteries (not included)
  • Approximately 13-14 hours of battery life for continuous operation

Use this small, quiet Orion Cooling Accelerator Fan to quickly cool the optics of your large reflector telescope to ambient temperature. By cooling your big reflecting telescope's optics, the views you experience with that telescope will be enhanced considerably. When the optical tube's interior air is warmer than the exterior air, air currents can make your views unstable and seem "shaky" as warm and cool air are combined.

The Orion Cooling Accelerator Fan for Large Reflector Telescopes attaches to pretapped and threaded holes in the mirror cells of many Orion Dobsonian reflector telescopes, including SkyQuest XT8, XT10, and XT12 Classic Dobsonian telescopes; XT8i, XT10i, and XT12i IntelliScope Dobsonians; XX12i and XX14i Truss Tube IntelliScope Dobsonians; and the XT12g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian reflector. It also fits mounted reflectors including the Orion Atlas 8, Atlas 10, SkyView Pro 8 Newtonian telescopes, and the 190 mm Mak-Newt Astrograph. Mounting screws are supplied.

An included battery pack which uses eight separately available D-cell batteries supplies the fan with 12V DC power for operation. The battery will last for approximately 13-14 hours of continuous use. A portable 12 volt field battery and DC power cable such as the Orion Dynamo Pro (sold separately) can also be used to power this cooling fan.