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Orion RockStable II Anti-Vibration Pads for Telescope Tripods - 05156

SKU: ORI-05156

Orion RockStable II Anti-Vibration Pads for Telescope Mounts

The Orion RockStable II Pads reduce cumbersome vibrations that can be transmitted through tripod legs when you adjust your setup or from environmental factors such as wind gusts. This minimizes shakes and vibrations so you are left with an instrument that stabilizes quicker for longer observation sessions. They're especially useful if you like to use your telescope on a deck or patio, where excessive vibrations can make it very challenging to obtain a steady magnified view.

To use this set of three RockStable II Pads, simply place one pad under each tripod leg -- it's that easy! Each RockStable II Pad features specially designed visco-elastic material that absorbs and neutralizes vibrations so your tripod and attached telescope or binoculars stay nice and steady for better viewing and astrophotography performance. Get a set of Orion RockStable II Pads today and avoid those bad vibes.