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Orion StarSeeker IV GoTo Alt-Azimuth Mount & Tripod - 13165

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SKU: ORI-13165

Orion StarSeeker IV GoTo Alt-Azimuth Mount & Tripod

This fantastic Orion StarSeeker IV alt-azimuth mount is extremely user friendly and only needs a two star alignment. Then it can guide users to any of the 42,000 objects in the GoTo database. The built-in "Tour" feature of the Synscan hand controller makes it easy for almost anyone to operate and locate objects.

The mount's 13 lb. capacity easily moves a compatible OTA while mounted to the single arm. The design of the mount allows for 360° of azimuth motion and 90° of altitude motion for horizon to zenith pointing. There is a quick-release narrow dovetail saddle that easily accepts the compatible OTA. An included L-bracket give a horizontal platform for cameras, small telescopes, or binoculars. The slotted bracket has a captive 1/4"-20 threaded post and finger knob to be used for attaching an instrument.

Orion has designed this fourth generation StarSeeker to have dual optical encoders on each axis of motion. This allows users to move the telescope manually or electronically. Choosing to move the OTA manually can save time, battery life, and reduce motor wear. Having the option to move it manually means that this telescope was built with longevity and ease of use in mind.

The mount is powered by 8 AA batteries (not included). A 12V DC auto-lighter plug is included just in case a user would like to use 12V DC field batteries (not included).

This mount comes complete with the 1.25" Stainless steel adjustable tripod. The included accessory tray ensure the rigidity of the mount and tripod set up.