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Orion Waist Case Accessory Holder - 15178

SKU: ORI-15178

Orion Waist Case Accessory Holder

If you're like us, when you observe with your telescope you use a few favorite eyepieces, a barlow lens, maybe some filters, and a red flashlight to see what you're doing. Trouble is, it's not very convenient fumbling around in the tripod's accessory tray to find these things. And your observing table is almost never within arm's reach of the telescope's eyepiece. That's where the Orion Waist Case Accessory Holder comes in. It keeps all your often-used accessories literally "on you", organized, protected, and within easy reach. It's a rugged polyester hip pack designed exclusively for the amateur astronomer. Its custom foam interior has seven die-cut holes to hold up to seven 1.25" eyepieces, or three 2" eyepieces, three 1.25" eyepieces, and a short barlow. It has pockets on top, in front, and on the sides for holding filters and other accessories. The top flap unzips and folds back, out of the way, if desired. Fits waist sizes up to 58".