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SkyBT BlueTooth Adapter for Wireless Control with Android Devices - SKYBT

SKU: SST-SKYBT Available Used from $120.00

SkyBT BlueTooth Adapter Android Wireless Control

A completely Plug & Play device that's smaller than a business card, the SkyBT comfortably attaches to RS232 serial ports using a DB9 male connector. Following Android to SkyBT pairing, tap Connect in SkySafari and the SkyBT is automatically configured with the proper settings for communicating with your telescope mount.

SkyBT is powered by two separately sold alkaline or rechargeable AAA batteries, and features a built-in recharging circuit. You can anticipate enjoying 8-10 hours of telescope control per set of fresh batteries. If an external power adapter is handy, plug it into the SkyBT's DC input jack. Input DC power requirements are 5 Volts at 300ma or greater. This jack accepts a standard 4 mm OD x 1.7 mm ID center-positive sized plug.

Note: Use only NiMH rechargeable batteries when externally powering the adapter. Applying power with alkaline batteries installed causes battery acid to leak and destroys the adapter.

The SkyBT is a Class 1 Bluetooth device with a much larger range than cheaper bluetooth adapters, typically about 100 meters.

SkyBT BlueTooth Adapter Android Wireless Control Highlights

  • RS232 serial to Bluetooth Adapter for telescope control via Android phones or tablets using SkySafari.
  • Compact, reliable, and durable enough for frequent field use. Offers easy pairing/connecting to enable telescope control within seconds.
  • Requires an RS232-to-Serial cable specific to your telescope. These are available here.
  • Does not work with new USB hand controllers from Celestron
  • Alkaline or rechargeable AAA batteries provide between 8 and 10 hours of power during field use
  • Operates at a range of approximately 100 meters (325 feet).