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H-Alpha Solar Telescopes

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  • Lunt Solar Systems Lunt Solar Systems 152mm H-Alpha Telescope - Choose Blocking Filter
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Experienced solar astronomers will often favor H-alpha solar telescopes over white light scopes. While H-alpha solar telescopes are often more expensive, observers see more detail in the Sun. Enjoy views of the Sun’s ever-changing chromosphere, where flares dance and spicules appear before your eyes. You will also be able to see filaments, plages, prominences, and much more. These solar scopes will not only protect your eyes from the Sun’s harmful rays but enhance your viewing experience as well. They reduce glare and light scattering, increase contrast through selective filtration, increase definition and resolution, reduce irradiation and lessen eye fatigue.

H-alpha solar telescopes work by allowing just hydrogen-alpha light to pass through and rejecting all other wavelengths. Moreover, since hydrogen is the most common element in the Sun, this makes H-alpha telescopes the ideal choice for viewing all of the Sun’s most spectacular features.

With the inception of the Coronado PST, H-alpha solar observation can be enjoyed by everyone. These affordable hydrogen alpha telescopes offer great views of the Sun for a reasonable price. Coronado’s SolarMax II and III are the next step up for those looking for magnified views of the Sun with an enhanced <0.5A bandwidth. At High Point Scientific, you will also find a large selection of Lunt solar telescopes. Lunt Solar Systems has been making solar scopes for years and understands the needs of solar observers. No matter which scope you choose, we are confident you will enjoy all that H-alpha solar scopes have to offer!

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