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High Point Plastic Solar Eclipse Glasses - 1 Pair - PSSG


High Point Plastic Solar Eclipse Glasses - 1 Pair

These plastic solar viewing glasses block 100% of harmful UV and IR light from the Sun and offer very comfortable, safe viewing of not only solar eclipses but our fascinating and ever-changing sun at any time. Built of scratch-resistant black Polymer, our Solar Eclipse Glasses will last longer than cardboard solar viewing glasses and will fit better as well. High Point Eclipse Glasses have an optical density of 5 or greater, meaning they block 99.999% of visible light. This intense filtration is required to keep your eyes safe, so make sure whatever glasses you choose has an optical density of at least 5 as well as 100% ultra-violet (UV) and infrared (IR) blocking power. When you view the Sun through these well-made solar glasses you see a sharp, pleasingly natural orange image.

Safety Statement: Our glasses conform to and meet the Transmission Requirements of ISO-12312-2 Filters for Direct Observation of the Sun. They also meet the Transmission Requirements of EN 1836-2005 + A1 2007 (E) for an E115 Filter for the Direct Observation of the Sun, as well as the Transmission Requirements of AS/NZ5 1338-12012, Filter for Eye Protector, EC Type Examination by: SAl Global Assurance Services Ltd. (Notified body No. NB2056)

How to View the Sun with Solar Eclipse Glasses

This sounds like a no-brainer, right? However, there are a few important things you need to know about safely viewing the Sun when using Solar Viewing Glasses.

  • Turn your body towards the direction of the Sun unless it is high overhead, in which case, it doesn't matter which direction you turn. :-)
  • Put your Solar Glasses on, and make sure both earpieces are tucked behind your ears securely. If your hair is long, make sure it lays over the earpiece, not under it.
  • Once your eclipse glasses are secure, look up at the Sun. Keep in mind that you will see NOTHING until the Sun hits the "lens" portion of your glasses.
  • Do NOT "peek" outside your glasses if you do not see the Sun right away. Sometimes this takes a little practice, but you will find the Sun, I promise. You must not look at the Sun, even for a second, without the protection of your solar glasses!
  • Finally, if children will be participating, teach them these steps before you hand them their glasses. Then make sure they are secure. We recommend everyone in your party has their own pair of solar shades since accidents are more likely to happen if people are sharing.
  • Keep in mind that these plastic solar eclipse glasses are built for adults and older children. Basically, if the person has graduated from children's glasses to regular-sized glasses, they will be just fine. It is important that solar glasses fit well and do not slip off, so whatever solar eye protection you choose for a young child, make sure it is secure!

NASA Map of 21 Aug 2017 Solar Eclipse Across United States