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Lunt Solar System 60 mm Double-Stacked H-Alpha Telescope with Tilt-Tuning - Choose Your Blocking Filter & Focuser

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Lunt 60 mm H-Alpha Tilt-Tuned Telescope
Double-Stacked with an External 50 mm Etalon System

The Lunt Solar Systems LS60THA-DS is a complete solar telescope that is capable of viewing the Sun at either <0.7A or <0.55 Angstroms. The Lunt 60mm Ha Telescope uses a precision aligned singlet chromatic lens with a single pass 60 mm aperture. In order to "double stack", this model also comes with a 50mm unobstructed external etalon, complete with its own case. The addition of the secondary front-mounted interference filter and the upgrade of the rear trimming filter transforms the Lunt LS60THa into a superb visually-enhanced instrument with the ability to also image the Sun utilizing basic camera equipment.

The Double Stack System

The best views of the Sun are undoubtedly seen thru a dual etalon system. The reduction in bandpass from an estimated 0.7 Angstroms to 0.5 Angstroms just seem to bring the Sun's surface to life. Larger apertures on a good seeing day usually result in a WOW! from those who are lucky enough to experience the views. Adding a second external etalon to an existing internal etalon is not quite as simple as it may seem. Both etalons need to be brought online (tuned) and both need to be tiltable such that all ghosts are eliminated. Ideally, the transmission curves should overlap perfectly when on band to provide for the best possible resolution and contrast. Both etalons in this system will be matched at the factory in order to provide a system that is both optimized for performance and the elimination of ghosting.

  • An infra red reflecting window (ERF) is provided early in the optical path to remove unwanted heat from the system.
  • An optically optimized collimating system ensures true collimation, coma correction, and off axis (sweet spot) reduction.
  • The Lunt Induced Transmission Filter will ensure long term safety and performance.


  • Aperture - 60 mm (internal) 50 mm (external)
  • Focal Length - 500 mm
  • Band Pass - <0.7 Angstroms (single) or <0.55 Angstroms (double stack)
  • Color - Pearl White with Black Anodized Components

About Your Drop-Down Choices:

The base model of the LS60THa-DS comes with a 6mm Blocking Filter (B600) and a Lunt 2" Crayford Style 10:1 Dual Speed Focuser. The B600 blocking filter provides a ~4.5mm image when used with this solar scope and is a good choice if you are going to be using the scope visually. The Lunt focuser is solid and stable for most any application, has 10:1 dual focus knobs and an etched focusing scale on the draw tube to visually guide you to the best focus quickly. If that sounds good to you, just choose the first option (6mm Blocking Filter with 2" Crayford Focuser) and your price will remain as shown.

If you would like to upgrade to the Starlight Instruments 2" Feather Touch Focuser and/or the B1200 (12mm) Blocking Filter, just pick from the remaining choices in the drop-down. The B1200 is a worthy upgrade if you will be doing photography through the scope or you want a wider field of view visually. A Starlight Feather Touch focuser is always a nice upgrade! Either focuser should perform well but if you plan to ride heavy loads off the focuser then perhaps you should consider the Feather Touch, which can handle up to 5.5 pounds. The price of the telescope package will adjust depending on the blocking filter and focuser you choose.

Feel free to contact HPS via chat, phone or email to have us check stock status on the telescope configuration you wish to order. We would be happy to help.