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Orion 9x50 Solar Finder Scope - 20406

SKU: ORI-20406

Orion 9x50 RA Finder Scope & Bracket
with Detachable Finder Solar Filter

The Orion 9x50 Solar Finder Scope is a must for sun observers. With a huge 50mm objective lens, 9x magnification, a convenient right-angle 9X eyepiece and correct-image orientation, this solar scope is designed with comfort in mind and enhanced viewing capabilities. The finder scope's dovetail finder bracket fits most Orion telescopes, making it easy to safely aim your solar filter-equipped telescope at the Sun with great accuracy. Aiming is simple with correct left-to-right and top-to-bottom image.

The Orion 9x50 Solar Finder Scope features a black-polymer safety film solar filter that is stronger and more durable than other, thinner film filters. In addition to increased durability, the black-polymer material displays the Sun in a pleasing, natural yellow-orange color unlike the white or especially unnatural blue shade cast by some other filters. The yellow-orange image of the Sun provided by the black-polymer filter will also yield higher levels of contrast and clarity when you peer into the solar finder. Bold black cross hairs in the finder scope's optical tube make it easy to accurately center the Sun in the finder, and in your telescope, once an alignment procedure is performed.