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Solar Filters & Telescopes

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Sky-Watcher SolarQuest Alt-Azimuth Solar Tracking Mount with 1.25" Adjustable Height Tripod

Sky-Watcher SolarQuest Alt-Azimuth Solar Mount - S21170

SKU: SKY-S21170
  • Automatically locates and keeps track of the sun as it appears to move across the sky
  • A patented Helio-Find Solar Finder and built-in GPS enable autoleveling and determines the current altitude and azimuth of the sun
  • Capable of accepting up to 11 lbs.
  • Eliminates the need for pre-alignment
  • Comes with an adjustable height tripod, tripod extension, and accessory tray
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TeleVue Sol-Searcher Solar Finder

Tele Vue Sol-Searcher Solar Finder - SSF-1006

  • Using this Sol-Searcher Solar finder means you can find the Sun safely by looking at it, and not through it.
  • The aperture "pinhole" projects an image of the Sun on to a 1/4" translucent "screen."
  • Once the Sun is centered on the screen, it will be centered in the scope.
  • The Tele Vue Sol-Searcher Solar Finder attached to the mount ring slot of every Tele Vue telescope.
Coronado Sol Ranger Solar Finder

Coronado Sol Ranger - SOL

  • The Sol Ranger helps locate the sun quickly within a SolarMax telescope.
  • Coronado's Sol Rnager casts a beam of light onto an opaque glass viewer when the sun is in the main scope's FOV.
  • This Sol Ranger connects to the Coronado SolarMax's clamshell.
  • The Sol Ranger's dimensions are as follows: 3.3" x 1.0" (85 mm x 25 mm) W x H.
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Orion 9x50 Solar Finder Scope - 20406

SKU: ORI-20406
  • This finderscope has a 50 mm objective lens and 9x magnification.
  • Orion's finder scope bracket fits most Orion telescopes.
  • Aiming the finderscope is easy with correct left-to-right and top-to-bottom image.
  • Included with this finderscope is a right-angle 9x eyepiece.
Orion StarSeeker Solar Tracking Altazimuth Mount with Tripod

Orion StarSeeker Solar Tracking Altazimuth Mount - 10382

SKU: ORI-10382
  • This alt-azimuth mount automatically tracks the Sun and its movement through the sky.
  • Included with this Orion Solar Tracking mount is a built-in GPS and a CCD sensor.
  • The Orion altazimuth mount is for solar use only.
  • Eight AA batteries are needed to power the Solar Tracking mount.
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