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DayStar Calcium H-Line Quark Solar Filter Eyepiece - DSZCH

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DayStar Calcium H-Line Quark Solar Filter Eyepiece

The Daystar Calcium Quark Filter delivers the quick and easy enjoyment of the original Quark to Calcium H-Line. Compatible with f/7 or longer focal ratio refractor telescopes. This all-in-one design couples the high quality elements of adapters, snouts, and Daystar calcium filters into a single simple configuration. Design efficiency and optimization allows users to take advantage of Daystar's renowned high quality optics for a reasonable price.

Why H-Line?

Many astronomers fail to remember that the Calcium H-line and K-line offer nearly identical solar views. Researchers who use CCD cameras exclusively to image the Sun often select the K-line for the purposes of pure research. Unfortunately, with Calcium K-line filters, many older astronomers are not able to see the lower wavelength and thus are excluded from all the fun. Daystar provides higher wavelength Calcium H-line filters for visual observers in order for Calcium to be enjoyed by most users.

  • Works with f/7 or longer focal ratio refractor telescopes and requires a UV-IR filter on the unit for anything between 80mm and 130mm.
  • User does not need to be concerned with configurations. Simply insert your diagonal, add an eyepiece, and observe. Please keep in mind that the Calcium-H Quark does not have a built-in telecentric Barlow like the H-alpha models do. Therefore, you will need to provide your own means for reaching f/30.
  • Correct filter bandpass will be determined by the final telescope application. There is no specific designated FWHM bandpass, but it will be approximately 5Å. Fully enhanced design removes any adapter requirement. All of this is loaded into one lightweight eyepiece-sized device.
  • Due to Daystar's new compact design, superfluous components are eliminated, reducing weight and associated costs. Power consumption has even been reduced.
  • The Calcium Quark does not work with front mounted energy rejection filters (ERFs). For safety, the Daystar Calcium H-Line Quark is recommended for use with a UV/IR cut filter. Users will need to purchase an ERF unique to their telescope to ensure safe operation. The Calcium Quark can NOT be employed with front mount ERFs.
  • Baffles are included to enhance contrast, while AR coatings are augmented for the 397 nm wavelength.

DayStar Calcium H-Line Quark Solar Filter Highlights

  • Calcium H-line (3968.5Å), approximately 5Å FWHM.
  • 1.25" eyepiece snout with safety indent for attaching directly to your diagonal or focuser.
  • Standard 1.25 eyepiece draw tube output.
  • Inserted eyepiece is protected by a brass compression ring. Powered by USB or 5v 1.5 amp. Comes with a 90-240VAC wall adapter with international plug adapters.
  • Incorporated 25 mm blocking filter with 21 mm clear aperture. Barlow and focusing elements are not included.
  • Optimally suited for full aperture refractors with focal ratios between f/7 and f/30.
  • Full disk viewing is achievable with refractors with focal length of up to about 1800 mm.
  • No aperture constraints. May be used with larger refractors to enable higher magnification views.
  • Delivered in a convenient Twist-Case container to keep dust away between uses.