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White Light Solar Telescopes

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Celestron 50 mm EclipSmart Travel Scope with Alt-Az Mount & Tripod

Celestron EclipSmart 50mm Solar Telescope with Backpack - 22060

SKU: CEL-22060
  • Single or Double-Stack: Single Etalon
  • Solar Telescope Aperture: 50 mm
  • Type of Solar Telescope: White Light
$99.95 $89.95

What better way to enjoy a solar eclipse than with a white light solar telescope! These telescopes allow you to safely view the Sun by blocking over 99.99% of the Sun’s harmful rays yet allowing the full wavelength spectrum to shine through. This means you will see the Sun’s photosphere. The photosphere is often considered the easiest layer of the Sun to see because it generates the most amount of light. At this layer, you will be able to see sunspots, solar flares, and even granulation, the texture of the Sun’s surface.

Most white light solar telescopes depict the Sun in a white color, although some show the yellow-orange sun we typically familiar with. These telescopes are an affordable option for anyone interested in observing the Sun.

High Point Scientific offers white light telescopes from the most trusted brands in the industry. Enjoy stellar views from Celestron’s Eclipsmart or Meade’s Eclipseview. iOptron offers several solar scopes as well, with desirable features such as GPS, video eyepieces, cases, and much more. Moreover, many of these white light telescopes can be easily converted for nighttime viewing. With all of these options at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you buy!

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