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Stellarvue 9x50 Deluxe Finder Scope w/ Reticle Eyepiece - Black - F050M2


Stellarvue 9x50 Deluxe Finder Scope w/ Reticle Eyepiece

The Stellarvue F50M2 Deluxe 9x50 Finder Scope is one of the best finder scopes on the market today! Featuring a generous 50mm aperture, an image correct 90° erecting prism, a 1" helical focuser, and a fully coated eyepiece make this an outstanding quality finderscope.

  • Stellarvue 9x50 Deluxe Finder Scope features a 23 mm wide field crosshair reticle eyepiece
  • Contains a 90° erecting prism for image correct views
  • Obtain bright, sharp views with a 50 mm aperture and 9X magnification
  • Use interchangeable eyepieces with the included, standard 1.25" helical focuser
  • All aluminum construction with black finish
  • Rings sold separately

The 50 mm aperture consists of a fully multi-coated doublet object. The 90° erecting prism provides image correct views, while the 1.25" helical focuser allows you to use interchangeable eyepieces. The 23 mm wide field cross reticle eyepiece is of high quality and fully coated with a large eye lens. Both the reticle and eyepiece may be focused and other conventional 1.25" eyepieces may be used.

Accommodate various standard 1.25" eyepieces with this finder. Most Kellners, Panoptics, Naglers, and Plossls will come to focus. Particular eyepieces that are not parfocal with standard designs may not come to focus but this is the exception, not the rule. The Stellarvue helical focuser on the 9x50 Finderscope requires a mere turn of the rubber grip to attain focus. Other typical finders use inexpensive slide tube focusers or require screwing and unscrewing of the objective in order to reach focus, which can be a pain for some people.

A 23 mm wide field eyepiece with 22 mm of eye relief is included with the Stellarvue F50M2 Deluxe 9x50 Finder Scope. This high quality, fully multi-coated eyepiece has a large eye lens and features a fine-focusing crosshair reticle that accepts the Rigel PulseGuide Illuminator (sold separately). In addition, several mounting ring systems are now available as an accessory for the F50 finder, including models that are made to mount to an SCT, Feathertouch focusers, at the top of your cradle rings, and more. Your choice of mounting rings is sold separately.