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Takahashi 1.25" Prism Diagonal - TKA00547


Takahashi 1.25" Prism Diagonal

  • New Product Number: TKA00543
  • Old Product Number: TFP0090

The Takahashi 1.25" Diagonal is beautifully made, from the high quality, multi-coated prism to the compression ring that will hold your eyepieces and other 1.25" accessories without marring.

Takahashi chose to use a high-quality prism instead of a mirror when designing this 90-degree diagonal. Multiple layers of coatings on the prism surfaces assures high light transmission and sharp images - a good match for any APO refractor or high-end catadioptric reflector.

The Takahashi compression ring is a threaded collet. Ribbing around the diameter makes it easy to grip, even with gloves on, and a slight turn will tighten or loosen the collet with ease. With the Takahashi compression ring, there is no need to worry about losing a thumb screw in the dark because it was backed out too far, and the barrels of your accessories will not get scratched or dinged by the tip of the thumb screw, either.