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Takahashi Coupling S - TKP00103

Takahashi Coupling S for Visual - TKP00103

  • On the telescope side, this adapter will connect to TKP86005 Visual Adapter or the 50.8 mm Sleeve from Takahashi.

  • One the other side, the Coupling S will connect to the 1.25" Ocular Adapter, which will then accept a 1.25" diagonal or eyepiece.

  • Takahashi's TCE0100 Collimating Scope will thread onto this adapter, which then connects to the focuser drawtube.

  • Using this adapter with the collimating scope will let you use the scope with Tak refractors that have a focal length of at least 1000 mm.
Takahashi CA 35MM Wide Mount Adapter

Takahashi CA 35 mm Wide Mount Adapter - Sky 90, FS-78 - TKA35201

  • Adapter Connector Type - Side A: M56
  • Adapter Connector Type - Side B: M54
  • Adapter or Spacer Length in mm: 7.2 mm
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