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ADM Accessories Mini Dovetail Bar for Meade AR5 & AR6 Refractors - MDS-AR5


ADM Mini Dovetail Bar for Meade AR5 or AR6 Refractors

DISCLAIMER: The Mini Dovetail Bar is not designed to allow optical tubes to attach to Vixen or Losmandy styled mounts. It is designed to attach mini dovetail accessories.

The ADM Mini Dovetail Bar forms the core of the Mini Dovetail System (MDS). It is smaller, lighter and costs less than other available dovetail bars. Measures 1.5" wide and 5/8" thick with three concave channels on the underside of the bar. Attaches to Meade AR5 & AR6 Optical Tubes via existing screw holes. No drilling or tapping necessary.

The MDS-AR5 dovetail bar is 8" in length and features elongated slots on both ends for a 1/4x20 socket head cap screw. Compatible with Meade Refractor Telescopes on AR5 or AR6 mounts.