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Astronomik OWB CCD Type 3 Sony Alpha 7 Clip Filter - OWBCCD-SONY

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Astronomik OWB CCD Type 3 Sony Alpha 7 Clip Filter

  • Made for Sony Alpha 7 series cameras that have previously been modified for astro-imaging by replacing the camera's built-in IR filter, this Astronomik Type 3 OWB (Original White Balance) Filter restores the camera's original spectral sensitivity designated by Sony in order to revive its terrestrial photography capabilities
  • This Astronomik OWB CCD Clip filter is suitable for use with Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 variants of Sony Alpha 7, 7r, and 7s camera models
  • Designed with the highest technical standards in mind in order to deliver the supreme optical performance needed for deep sky imaging with Sony Alpha 7 series cameras
  • Coatings provide complete protection from the impacts of scratching, aging, and high humidity
  • Diffraction limited, this filter will not lower your telescope system's optical performance level
  • Made in Germany, a country recognized for producing high quality optics!

More About Astronomik OWB CCD Type 3 Filters

Astronomiks OWB (Original White Balance) filters are not normally used for astronomical operations. Instead their purpose is to enable convential terrestrial photography for cameras that have had their built-in IR filter replaced with a filter that has a better H-Alpha range, or completely removed. The white balance of these modified cameras makes them unsuitable for terrestrial photography. This filter shifts the Sony Alpha 7's spectral sensitivity back to the original range designated by the manufacturer in order to recover its ability to image terrestrial objects.

By shifting the entire spectrum of a converted Sony Alpha 7 camera in such a way that it will not be uniquely applicable for astro-imaging tasks, the days of being stuck with the choice of either inhibiting the camera so that it is only suitable for astronomical functions, or accepting reduced sensitivity in the red area of the spectrum, are over. Astronomik's OWB CCD Sony Alpha 7 Clip Filter fits Alpha 7, 7r, and 7s camera models in Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 variants. As with all filters designed by Astronomik, the OWB Type 3 is parfocal with all other Astronomik filters.

Multi-layer coatings insulate this filter from deterioration caused by the effects of scratching, aging, and high humidity. This filter is also diffraction limited and therefore will not reduce the optical performance level of your telescope. All Astronomik filters, including this OWB Sony Alpha 7 Clip Filter, are delivered with a long-lasting, high quality plastic filter container.

Astronomik Sony Alpha 7 Clip Filter System

Astronomik's patented Clip-Filter system has been designed from black anodized aluminum and laser-cut on up-to-date modernized machines. Within seconds, it can be introduced directly into the body of a Sony Alpha 7 models 7, 7r, and 7s in MkI, MkII, and MkIII versions respectively. No adjustments are required and all lens functions like focus, screen, and image stabilization, remain operational! This Clip-Filter system also serves as an effective dust protector, keeping dust from collecting on the sensor during extended exposures.

Transmission Specifications

  • Special spectrum in order to adapt modified DSLR cameras (with removed or substituted IR-filters) to achieve a standard color space in digital imaging