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Atik EFW3 Electronic Filter Wheel - 7 Position for 50.8mm Unmounted Filters - ATK0160

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Atik EFW3 Electronic Filter Wheel for Large Format Cameras
7 Positions for 50.8mm Unmounted Filters (not included)

This slim, lightweight seven-position large format electronic filter wheel from Atik is machined from solid aluminum just like the 5-position EFW2. The Atik EFW3 is approximately 9" x 8" and weighs 1.8 pounds; it is 21.8mm thick.

For users of the Atik 16200, this filter wheel can be attached as is, with a backfocus of 41.5mm, or the front plate can be removed to minimize the backfocus, reaching 34.5mm.

Because the EFW3 is designed for cameras with larger sensors, it can carry seven 2" filters in either a mounted or unmounted format. This version of the EFW3 comes with the filter disk for seven 50.8mm unmounted filters. If you prefer using 2" mounted filters, you'll want to buy the EFW3 with the filter disk for seven 2" mounted filters.

The Atik EFW3 Electronic Filter Wheel is compatible with any Atik camera. In fact, those astrophotographers who use the Atik 16200 can attach the EFW3 directly to the camera or remove the front plate to cut down on back focus. Other Atik cameras can be attached via an included M54 or M42 adapter.

A full ASCOM driver is included with the EFW3, allowing you to use any control software that is ASCOM-compliant. You can also use Atik's Artemis Capture software for control of the EFW3 if you so choose.