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ADM Accessories Max Guider Guidescope Aiming Device - Female Saddles - MAX-F

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ADM Max Guider Guidescope Aiming Device - Female Saddles

The ADM Max Guider is an alt-azimuth aiming device to be used with your finderscope or guidescope. ADM Accessories has heard the public's recommendations and as a result has developed one of the most cutting-edge pointing devices to ever be put on the market. As with all ADM products, price and quality craftsmanship were primary concerns. This Max Guider is the female version with a large dovetail plate adapter that connects directly to a male "D" series dovetail on the upper side of your OTA.

A special DUAL saddle that can accept both "D" and "V" series dovetails sits on top of the Max Guider. Altitude and azimuth adjustments make locating and centering guide stars a simple task. The pointing position of these adjustments can be locked in place for stress and flexure free long exposure astro-imaging. The ADM Max Guider provides the ideal solution for large camera lenses where a 2D camera mount or ball head simply won't get the job done.

  • Top is Female Dual Losmandy or Vixen Saddle
  • Bottom is Female Losmandy Dovetail Plate Adapter
Please note the main image depicts a telescope and mounting hardware. These are not included with this product.