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ADM Mini-Max Guider Alt-Az Aiming Device - Female Saddles - MINI-MAX-F

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ADM Mini-Max Guider Alt-Az Aiming Device
Female Saddles

ADM Accessories is pleased to offer one of the best adjustable aiming devices ever brought to market for amateur astronomers. The intended purpose of the Mini-Max is to provide users with an alternative Guidescope aiming device that gives them the opportunity to co-align two telescopes or offset two telescopes on purpose to find a satisfactory guidestar. Based on the efficient design of the "D" series Max-Guider aiming device, the Mini-Max was made completely for Vixen "V" series dovetails to assist in reducing the overall weight to less than 2 lbs. while maintaining its ability to handle any guidescope under 10 lbs. The Mini-Max Guider provides an ample 10º of azimuth adjustment and 5º of altitude adjustment.

This product is the Female Saddle version. It measures 6.4" in length and adds roughly 2" of height from the top of the dovetail on an OTA to the bottom of the dovetail on a guidescope or finderscope, and weighs only 2 lbs. All components of the Mini-Max are CNC machined 6061 aluminum and are made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum for an attractive finish and maximum longevity. The Mini-Max can be utilized in either piggyback style or side-by-side with the addition of a male-to-male dovetail embedded into one of the SBS adapters.

  • Female saddle version
  • Top is vixen saddle
  • Bottom is vixen saddle