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Atik One OAG Off-Axis Guider - ATK0132


Atik One OAG Off-Axis Guider

The Atik One OAG is slightly smaller than the original Atik OAG, but has all of the original features that make it an easy-to-use off-axis guider, especially when used in conjunction with the Atik GP guide camera (sold separately). The two components match up beautifully and attach easily to an Atik One camera on one side, and your telescope on the other. You can attach the OAG assembly to your telescope using tge 2” adapter or via a T-thread accessory.

The pickup prism inside the OAG diverts some of the light coming through your telescope and sends it to your guide camera. The prism can be adjusted to compensate for use on different types of telescopes.

The Atik One OAG has an extremely smooth focusing mechanism that is fast and easy to adjust. To focus, all you need to do is turn the focusing ring clockwise to move the camera support down, or counter-clockwise to move it up. There is 5mm of total travel available, allowing you to easily focus the optional guide camera.