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Baader Planetarium Eyepiece Projection Adapter for T2 threads - OPFA


Baader Eyepiece Projection Adapter For T2 Thread

  • This Baader Eyepiece Projection Adapter For T2 Thread is an easy-to-use but precision method of coupling your camera to your telescope

  • Baader Planetarium OPFA System is an exclusive system for imaging

  • The OPFA System by Baader works with standard 1.25" eyepieces with body diameters up to 37 mm

  • The OPFA System has secure threaded couplings and an adjustable eyepiece to camera distance

  • The Baader Planetarium OPFA System can be used with all Astro T-2 system components

Baader Planetarium OPFA System provides an exclusive and adaptable system for imaging. OPFA stands for Ocular Projection and Focal Adapter. The OPFA systems allows for all-threaded and direct coupling between your telescope and camera. Designed for conventional eyepiece projection imaging and afocal projection, the OPFA system securely couples threaded Digital, CCD, or Film cameras. Baader's OPFA system permits the critical adjustment needed to precisely position a 1.25" eyepiece at the most favorable location. This is very critcal for eliminating vignetting in the afocal projection with digital cameras.

Baader Planetarium Eyepiece Projection Adapter For T2 Thread allows you to flawlessly match all the needs of your system by being compatiable with all Baader Astro-T2 System components. The OPFA System is an extremely secure, flexible, and compact system devised for coupling digital cameras to a telescope for both afocal and direct projection.