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Baader Planetarium M68 Tele-Compendium - M68-CONN

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Baader Planetarium M68 Tele-Compendium

The M68 Tele-Compendium provides telescope connection for Baader FFC (Fluorite Flatfield Converter) and telecentric systems. It contains the following 9 components:

  • Four-in-one Adapter - T-2 Version
  • 40 mm T-2 Extension Tube
  • 80 mm M68 Extension Tube
  • 2x 40 mm M68 Extension Tubes
  • 2x 10 mm M68 Extension Tubes
  • UltraShort 2" Eyepiece Clamp
  • 2" T-2 Nosepiece

Telescopes used for profressional astrophotography must avoid any deflexure under load. This flexure is not an issue for those who only use their telescope as a visual instrument, but for photography or spectroscopy, any glitches will render your results useless. Therefore, not only do you need a tough mount with a sturdy connection to the telescope, you also need a premium focuser with a strong connection to cameras and other equipment, particularly if they are used with long accessories such as telecentric systems. Normally, these accessories are only linked via a simple plug-in connection. Long accessories can still tilt due to the long lever even with a good, self-centering eyepiece holder with brass clamping ring. This tilt will spoil the entire process. There is no modification better than a liberally sized screw coupling.

Baader's M68 Tele-Compendium resolves this issue by combining the functionality of a photographic compendium or matte box, which is a versatile lens hood, with an extremely sturdy and flexible telescope adapter. The Tele-Compendium is based on the M68 thread used by large Zeiss telescopes. This makes M68 largely ubiquitous and ideal for providing a strong connection of optical accessories such as the Fluorite Flatfield Converter (FFC) for planetary photography, or a telecentric system in conjunction with H-Alpha systems for solar observation.

Baader Planetarium Tele-Compendium Connections

The Tele-Comendium is screwed onto the telescope. On the telescope side, threads exist for 2.7" AP, M68 Zeiss, M60 Vixen, and a female M56 Synta thread. Optional adapters for the following systems are available:

  • TEC/Feather Touch focusers
  • Baader 3" Steeltrack and Hyperion focusers
  • Pentax SD telescopes
  • Takahashi
  • Celestron (3.3" SC thread)
  • Zeiss (M68 quick changer)

FFC or telecentric systems are coupled by a T-2 thread on the telescope side of the Tele-Compendium. The eyepiece side contains the Baader UltraShort Adapter, which supplies M68 thread along with a standard 2" eyepiece clamp with brass ring and two locking screws to prevent tilting. A 2" T-2 Nosepiece is also included as many available accessories use the T-2 thread. Since the 2" connection is at the far end of the setup, the effect of leverage is minimized, and the brass clamping ring and two locking screws provide a solid grip on the accessories.

The individual extension tubes allow you to use the system with a variety of lengths according to your setup's needs in order to achieve the best results. Simultaneously, stray light is blocked so no external light can reduce the contrast. Plus, the interior of the Tele-Compendium is carefully blackened.