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Adapters, Spacers & Extensions for Telescopes

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Baader T2-03 Adapter

Baader 36.4mm to T2 Adapter for Vixen, NexStar 4 - T2-03

SKU: BAD-T2-03
  • Adapter Connector Type - Side A: M36.4
  • Adapter Connector Type - Side B: T or T2 (M42)
  • Adapter or Spacer Length in mm: 0.5 mm

Camera adapters are a simple, yet crucial component to achieve optimal astro-imaging results. They safely connect an SLR camera to your telescope and can help you achieve the correct back focus for your imaging system. These adapters can range from T-rings, T-adapters, SLR camera adapters, or even adapters capable of mounting your smartphone’s camera to a telescope. These are just a few types of accessories that fall under the camera adapter category.

There are two different options to image using an SLR camera. The first method is called prime-focus imaging. In prime-focus astrophotography, a camera is attached directly to a telescope using a T-ring and T-adapter. That way, the telescope is the lens you use to capture images. While this method is perfect for imaging the Moon and close planets, prime-focus imaging is not recommended for deep-space objects unless you have a telescope with a long focal length. Otherwise, celestial objects may appear small.

The solution is eyepiece projection which attaches your camera to the back of an entire visual observation system. With eyepiece projection, you get the magnification benefits of an eyepiece so your subject will appear larger and in greater detail. This can be tricky, however, because the set up is so heavy it can cause shake and vibration every time you touch the imaging system. While a lot of information is easily available about how best to image using eyepiece projection, this can be a daunting process for beginners. Please reach out to our imaging experts with any questions.

Arguably the easiest method to capture images of the night sky is by using your smartphone. We have a wide selection of smartphone adapters that can help you capture quick and easy photos that you can share with friends and family. These adapters hold your phone in place behind an eyepiece so that you can capture images and videos without any shaking or vibrations. Most adapters are compatible with today’s most popular smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Google, and many others.

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