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Celestron Canon Mirrorless Camera to 8" RASA Adapter - 93406

SKU: CEL-93406

Celestron Camera Adapter - Canon Mirrorless to 8" RASA

  • This adapter enables connection between Canon mirrorless cameras and 8" RASA telescopes with no other adapters necessary.
  • Allows the 8" RASA to enable pinpoint stars over the entire field of view by placing the camera sensors at the appropriate backfocus distance.
  • The camera's integrated bayonet mount is used to establish a stable connection without rotation once installed.
  • Constructed using black anodized machined aluminum.

Mirrorless cameras are enjoying greater and greater popularity within the astro-imaging community and for good reason. When paired with Celestron's groundbreaking 8" Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA), you can achieve spectacular deep sky astronomical imaging results.

Here's what makes mirrorless cameras such a perfect match for RASA. First, the compact camera body privides minimal obstruction when placed on the front of the RASA optical tube. Second, the sensitive imaging chip helps capture every bit of stunning detail that the RASA optical system collects.

For those who would like to use a Canon mirrorless camera in conjunction with the 8" RASA, this adapter is a necessity. A bayonet mount integrated into the camera allows this adapter to fit securely to the front of the RASA. Furthermore, with this adapter, the camera's sensor will be placed at the exact backfocus distance for ideal image sharpness.