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Atik 428EX Monochrome CCD Camera W/ Sony ICX674 Sensor - ATK0096

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Atik 428EX Monochrome CCD Camera W/ Sony ICX674 Sensor

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  • Atik 428EX Monochrome CCD Camera is the first camera to employ Sony's state of the art ICX674 2.8 MP Sensor
  • Features EXview technology
  • For high-resolution imaging, 2.8 million 4.54 µm square pixels
  • Regulated cooling to -30 degrees C max below ambient
  • Atik 428EX Monochrome CCD Camera has high quantum efficiency because of the featured low noise electronics for high sensitivity

The Atik 428EX Monochrome CCD Camera is a the first camera to employ Sonys state of the art ICX674 2.8 Mp Sensor and is an ideal match to telescopes commonly used by amateurs. This camera has an amazing Quantum Efficiency, excellent thermal management, and very low noise due to the featured, latest generation EXview technology. The sensitivity of this camera makes it an ideal choice for deep-sky astrophotography and surpasses the forerunner ICX285.

Featuring better cooling and a narrower body, the Atik-4 Series cameras are a development of the 3-Series cameras. Taking matching dark frames is a snap due to the benefits of setpoint cooling on these cameras. The simple 12 V power requirement also makes this camera efficient and easy to use during field operation. The Atik Series 4 are magnificent CCD cameras with impressive sensitivity, great cooling and have a narrow profile, making them great to use on modern telescopes such as Hyperstar/Fastar systems.

Featuring Quantum Efficiency in OIII, Ha and SII, the Atik 428EX is a perfect match for narrowband imaging and is one of the best cameras available for this challenging technique. Get more out of your imaging session with the advanced color mapping composition that can be done with the lower integration time, more data equals better data! No compromise regarding cooling performance or stability considering the Atik 428EX is one of the lightest cameras featuring the narrowest body in its class. Field sessions last longer with the cooler been engineered for low power use. The desiccant port is now easily accessible from the exterior.