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Atik One 6.0, GP & OAG Camera Kit - ATK0121

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Atik One 6.0, GP & OAG Camera Kit


 For a limited time, you can get the Atik One with the Atik GP, plus an off-axis guider for an unbelievable price!  But it's not just any off-axis guider. It's a smaller version of Atik's bigger OAG, with the renowned smooth focusing system and moveable prism. A sturdy, reliable unit.


Included in the Atik One 6.0, GP & OAG Camera Kit


  • Atik One 6.0 camera body
  • Atik GP camera body
  • Atiik One off-axis guider body
  • 2" adapter
  • 0.5m mini-USB cable
  • 3m USB cable
  • 1.8m battery power connector
  • CD-ROM with drivers, software and user's manual (PDF)
  • Quickstart guide (paper).

Atik's highly-acclaimed Capture software is included for camera control and data acquisition, and plug-ins are included to allow use with Astroart and Maxim DL.

A universal (110-230V) power adapter is optional.

System requirements: Pentium IV PC with 512MB RAM, Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 (not RT), CD-ROM drive and USB 2.0 port.


Atik One 6.0 Monochrome CCD Camera


Integrated and powerful. The Atik One series embodies Atik's principles bringing you a high performance, simple to use platform, with internal filter wheel, all in a very compact and light package. It features an improved cooler, capable of reaching a stable -38C below ambient, and a new CCD chamber design, filled with high purity Argon, for a dry, condensation free environment and optimal thermal insulation.

Convenience of use has been key during the design. The Atik One also features an internal USB hub and accessory power port, so that you can keep the cable clutter under control. Only 2 cables for your imaging gear! In addition to this, two 1/4” tripod mounting holes are available, to give you more options for mounting the camera, other accessories,  or for managing the cables.

The 5 position integrated filter wheel features a mechanical roller for filter location ensuring the highest levels of reproducibility image after image.  The filter wheel is natively controlled from Atik's software or has an Ascom driver for 3rd party programs.  To make filter changing less of a chore the camera comes with a tool to allow filters to be loaded without opening the camera.

The Atik One ships with the acclaimed Artemis Capture software, capable of providing camera control, autoguiding and sequencing. And as an Atik camera owner, all future upgrades to the software will be totally free!

The Atik One series is the culmination of our efforts to bring you the finest scientific grade CCD camera available in it’s class.


Atik One 6.0 Monochrome CCD Camera Specifications


Sensor Type: CCD - Sony ICX694

Horizontal Resolution: 2750 pixels

Vertical Resolution: 2200 pixels

Pixel Size: 4.54 µM x 4.54 µM

ADC: 16 bit

Readout Noise: 5e- typical value

Interface: USB 2.0 High Speed, with embedded hub

Power: 12v DC 2A

Maximum Exposure Length: Unlimited

Minimum Exposure Length: 1/1000 s

Cooling: Thermoelectric set point with max  ΔT=-38°C

Weight: 2.0 lbs

Backfocus: ~27mm


Atik GP Monochrome CCD Camera


The Atik GP excels as both a planetary camera and as a guide camera.

Its compact size and light weight make it a joy to use on telescopes large and small.  The senor used is the fantastically sensitive 1.3 million pixel ICX445 EXview II CCD from Sony.  The GP is capable of up to 30 frames per second and will download both 8bit data with the convenience of saving to standard avi file format, or 12bit for full dynamic range as Tif and Fits format.  When used with the included GPAcquire software the camera is fully configurable with gain, region of interest, data format and a myriad of other settings enabling optimal planetary, solar and lunar imaging.  Data can be save direct to disk or initially to memory to optimise frame rates with slightly slower hardware.

Slowing things down a little the advanced passive cooling allows images of 1mS to several seconds to be collected, ideal for guiding.  The camera is fully compatible with existing Atik software so can be used with the (included) Capture software as well as plug ins for Maxim DL, AstroArt, and more though the ASCOM camera interface.  Controlled this way it behaves much the same as Atik's bigger cameras and will allow binning and sub framing.  Guiding corrections are passed to the mount using an ASCOM interface.  This is presents many advantages over the older ST4 guide port method including ease of set up, logging, and precision of guide corrections.  But it does require that the mount is ASCOM compatible (as most modern mounts are) and linked to the computer.   Guiding older mounts may still be possible with an USB to ST4 converter box, ask your dealer.

The GP does not have the active cooling of the Atik Titan so its potential for deep sky imaging is more limited, but it can be used to image the brighter deep sky objects.


Atik GP Monochrome CCD Camera Specifications


Sensor Type: Sony ICX445 EXview HAD II CCD 

Horizontal Resolution: 1296 pixels 

Vertical Resolution: 964 pixels 

Pixel Size: 3.75 µM x 3.75 µM

ADC: 12 bit

Frame rate: 30 fps max

Interface: USB 2.0 High speed

Power: USB powered

Cooling: Passive

Weight: 2.8 oz

Backfocus: ~7mm


Atik One Off-Axis Guider


  • Atik Off Axis Guider is a complete system featuring a precise fine-focusing system
  • The moving prism helps you select the perfect star for your guiding needs
  • This is a smaller version of the original Atik OAG, made for the Atik One cameras
  • 5mm of focus travel


The Atik One OAG is slightly smaller than the original Atik OAG, but has all of the original features that make it an easy-to-use off-axis guider, especially when used in conjunction with the Atik GP guide camera, included in this kit. The two components match up beautifully and attach easily to the Atik One camera on one side, and your telescope on the other. You can attach the OAG assembly to your telescope using the included 2” adapter or via a T-thread accessory.

The pickup prism inside the OAG diverts some of the light coming through your telescope and sends it to your guide camera. The prism can be adjusted to compensate for use on different types of telescopes.

The Atik One OAG has an extremely smooth focusing mechanism that is fast and easy to adjust. To focus, all you need to do is turn the focusing ring clockwise to move the camera support down, or counter-clockwise to move it up. There is 5mm of total travel available, allowing you to easily focus the Atik GP guide camera.