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Orion Magnificent Mini Deluxe AutoGuider Package - 24437

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SKU: ORI-24437

Orion Magnificent Mini Deluxe AutoGuider Package

Orion's Magnificent Mini Deluxe AutoGuider Package truly is magnificent with its impressive accessories and exceptional features. In this package, you will receive the Orion Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope with Helical Focuser, Starshoot AutoGuider, aluminum adapter plate, and 1.25" nosepiece. Autoguider software and cables are also included to keep your scope fixed on the sky so you can enjoy astrophotography worry-free.

Thanks to the highly sensitive yet affordable Orion StarShoot AutoGuider, astrophotographers can enjoy accurate imaging results without emptying their pockets. With a sensitive autoguider like the Orion StarShoot AutoGuider, any astrophotographer can enjoy optimized imaging precision by using a small-aperture guide scope with a much shorter focal length than the unwieldy instruments of the past.

Orion's compact, all-in-one autoguiding solution includes everything you need to enjoy enhanced accuracy in all your astrophotographs. Designed for use with imaging instruments up to 1500mm in focal length, the Magnificent Mini Deluxe AutoGuider package includes a 50mm mini-refractor guide scope featuring a precise helical focuser, StarShoot AutoGuider, dovetail mounting base, and a small adapter plate. The 50mm aperture, 162mm focal length (f/3.2) Deluxe Mini Guide Scope features fully multi-coated achromatic optics and a precise, machined helical focus mechanism to allow for faster, more precise focusing of potential guide stars.

The Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope's machined and anodized helical focuser has a fixed-orientation design that will not rotate the installed StarShoot AutoGuider or similar device during focus adjustments. The helical focuser simply moves the attached autoguider in or out while maintaining its set orientation. Astrophotographers are sure to appreciate this since it ensures that the field of potential guide stars will not rotate when focus adjustments are made. You'll never have to search for potential guide stars thanks to the Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope's bright and wide field-of-view. The helical focuser has a 12.5mm travel range, and a tight thread tolerance which ensures zero backlash and eliminates flexure-inducing "play". The helical focuser ring is ribbed for easy grip during adjustments, and a convenient thumbscrew lock keeps the focuser in-place once ideal focus is achieved.

The popular StarShoot AutoGuider features a 1.2" format 1.3MP CMOS sensor with 5.2 x 5.2 micron sized pixels for accurate guiding performance. On the mini guide scope, a machined aluminum 1.25" adapter with three thumbscrews keeps the StarShoot AutoGuider securely in-place during long imaging sessions. The dovetail guide scope bracket fits in any standard Orion dovetail finder scope base and omits the need for a piggyback oriented guide scope system which can be a hassle to install and balance. Three adjustment thumbscrews on the bracket allow easy and precise aiming of the guide scope. An included dovetail mounting base and attachment hardware lets you install the Magnificent Mini Deluxe AutoGuider on any telescope optical tube, in case you want to install it on a telescope that already has a finder scope, or on a telescope without a dovetail base. The included adapter plate lets you mount the Magnificent Mini Deluxe AutoGuider Package's dovetail base to most standard dovetail plates for piggybacking on top of your imaging telescope's tube rings, or for use in a side-by-side plate or saddle.

With a total weight of just 1.4 lbs (22.8 oz.), the Orion Magnificent Mini Deluxe AutoGuider Package adds minimal mass to astrophotography setups, making it easy to add autoguiding accuracy to your images without adding unnecessary bulk.

Orion 50mm Mini Deluxe Guide Scope Specs

  • Optical design: Refractor
  • Optical diameter: 50mm
  • Focal length: 162mm
  • Focal ratio: f/3.2
  • Coatings: Fully coated
  • Optics type: Air-spaced doublet
  • Glass material: Crown/Flint
  • Resolving power: 3.32arc*sec
  • Lowest useful magnification: 9x
  • Tube material: Aluminum
  • Length of optical tube: 6.8 in.
  • Weight, optical tube: 1.4 lbs.

Orion Starshoot Autoguider Specs

  • Imaging sensor: Micron MT9M001
  • Imaging sensor size: 6.66mm x 5.32mm
  • Pixel array: 1280 x 1024 (1,310,720 total)
  • Pixel size: 5.2 x 5.2
  • Imaging chip: Monochrome
  • Video frame rate: 15 frames/second at full resolution
  • Exposure range: 0.05 second to 10 second
  • A/D conversion: 8 bit
  • Mounting: 1.25" nozzle
  • USB connection: High-speed 2.0
  • Software compatibility: Windows 7/8/10 OSX
  • Backfocus distance (from T-threads): 15.00mm
  • Weight: 4oz.