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QHY MiniCam5S Color CMOS Camera - MCAM5S-C

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QHY MiniCam5S Color CMOS Camera

The QHY MiniCam5S is a cooled CMOS color camera that can be used for deep space and planetary imaging. It also makes a nice color guide camera.

The QHY MiniCam5S uses the Aptina 1.2 megapixel MT9M034 CMOS color sensor, with a 1280 x 960 pixel array made up of 3.75um square pixels. This sensor has extremely low readout noise and a QE of 62% at 540nm. It is capable of capturing data at 30FPS for full resolution, and 200 frames per second at a resolution of 320 x 240.

Amazingly, the MiniCam5S includes a regulated dual-stage TEC that can cool the camera to a maximum of -38C below ambient. A built-in heater will help keep moisture from forming on the chamber window, but a silicon gel tube is included that will allow you to dry the chamber manually.

The MiniCam5S uses an industry standard 5 PIN guide port. QHYCCD is the first manufacturer that uses this more expensive Lemo-style connector, which provides a superior connection between the camera and another device. The MiniCam5S supports on-camera guiding with 12-bit image output.

QHY MiniCam5S Color Camera Specifications

  • CMOS Sensor: Aptina MT9M034
  • CMOS Size: Typical 1/3 inch
  • Effective Pixels: 1280 x 960
  • Pixel Size: 3.75um x 3.75um
  • Readout Type: Progressive Scan
  • Shutter: Electric Rolling Shutter
  • Exposure Time: 10us-1800 sec
  • Max Speed: 1280 x 960 30FPS, 640 x 480 106FPS
  • Pixel Binning: 1x1, 2x2
  • Peak QE: 62% at 540nm
  • AD Conversion: 8bit/12bit (output)
  • Readout Clock: 48MHz/72MHz
  • Readout Noise: High Gain 2e- Medium Gain 4e- Low Gain 7e-
  • Full Well Capacity: 18ke-
  • Mechanical Interface: M42/1.25” T Ring/C Mount
  • Optic Glass Window: IR Cut Glass
  • Silicon Gel Socket: Yes
  • Cooling: Two stage TEC
  • Max Cooling: Typical -40C below ambient
  • Weight(Camera only): 280g
  • Power Consumption: 50% Cooling Power at 10.7W
  • Guider Interface: 5-pin Lemo Style Industry Socket
  • USB2.0 Interface: Yes