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QHY QHY29 USB2.0 Monochrome CCD Camera - QHY29

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QHY QHY29 USB2.0 Monochrome CCD Camera

The QHY29 camera is a full frame CCD that uses the Truesense CCD KAI-29050. While having a full size 35 mm format, 36 mm x 24 mm, a high resolution of the 16 MP sensor, and the high cooling capability, this camera is still compact and lighter than other camera systems that use the same sensor. A highlight of this camera is the interline transfer CCDs. This includes an electronic shutter, antiblooming protection, and a cylindrical body shape. All of these features gives this camera a small footprint when put in front of the optics of a reflecting telescope. This means that the camera is great for f/2 Hyperstar and Schmidt Cameras like RASA telescopes and other main focus systems.

QHY29 Camera Ports

Included with this camera is a built-in USB2.0 Hub and dual USB to RS232 converter. On the back of the camera there are external triggers in and out. Though not included, a guiding camera, mount, and electric focuser can all connect to the camera. Only one USB cable is needed to control the whole system, and the power socket has a threaded locking collar. The 3-pin aviation socket RS232 port along with the locking collar makes this system stable and solid. There is also a 4-pin color wheel port that supports QHY color filter wheels.

Cooling System

The cooling system in this camera consists of a 2-Stage TE cooling design. It can cool to -45C below ambient. This cooling technology reduces the dark current and eliminates the problem of thermal noise during long exposures. With a sealed chamber, desiccant tube connector, and a heated chamber window, this camera comes complete with a full anti-dew system.

QHY29 CCD Camera Specifications

  • Sensor: KAI-29050 CCD
  • Pixel Size: 5.5 μm x 5.5 μm
  • Effective Image Area: 36.17 x 24.11 mm
  • Resolution: 6644 x 4452
  • Effective Pixels: 29 MP
  • AD Sample Depth: 16-bit
  • Sensor Size: Full Frame Size
  • Readout Noise: 9e-
  • Fullwell: 20ke-
  • Color/Monochrome: Monochrome
  • Dark Current: 0.005e-/pixel/sec @-15C
  • Shutter: Electric Global Shutter
  • Computer Interface: USB2.0
  • Cooling System: Dual Stage TeC (-45C Below Ambient)