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QHY QHY5-II Monochrome CMOS Planetary Camera & Autoguider - QHY5-II

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QHY5-II Monochrome CMOS Camera
for Planetary and Lunar Imaging, Autoguiding, Realtime Video

  • Aptina 1/2” MT9M001 CMOS Sensor
  • 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Small pixel size of 5.2um
  • USB and ST4 interface
  • QE of 56% at Mono

This lightweight yet powerful CMOS camera comes with the 1.3 megapixel monochrome Aptina MT9M001 sensor. The MT9M001 features ON Semiconductor’s breakthrough low-noise CMOS imaging technology that achieves CCD image quality, based on signal-to-noise ratio and low-light sensitivity, while maintaining the inherent size, cost, and integration advantages of CMOS.

The QHY5-II has a 1.25” eyepiece shape design, which is perfect when you want a lightweight guider! Both native WDM drivers and Broadcast WDM drivers are supplied with the QHY5-II. This means you can use it as a ultra high performance webcam or for video live broadcasts. You can show your friends what’s happening in the sky in realtime with this camera.

QHY5-II series cameras have an improved USB transfer speed over their original QHY5 models. The QHY5-II is capable of 30 FPS (frames per second) at full resolution (1280x1024), 106 FPS at 640x480, or 320 FPS at 320x240 resolution.

Aptina MT9M001 Sensor Specifications

  • Optical Format: 1/2 inch (5:4)
  • Active Imager Size: 6.66 mm x 5.32 mm
  • Active Pixels: 1280 x 1024
  • Pixel Size: 5.2um
  • Shutter Type: Electronic Rolling
  • Max Frame Rate: 30 FPS progressive scan
  • ADC Resolution: 10-bit, on chip
  • Responsively: 2.1V/lux-sec
  • Dynamic Range: 68.2 dB
  • Binning: 1*1, 2*2
  • Exposure Min & Max: 20us - 10 minutes
  • QE: 56% peak