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Revolution Imager R2 with Viewing Screen - RI-KITR2

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Revolution Imager R2 Astronomy Video Camera
with 7” Viewing Screen & Free RI-USB Video Capture Adapter

The Revolution Imager R2 is so much fun! It comes with almost everything you need to capture color images of the Universe and display them on the included 7” battery-powered monitor — all you need to bring to the table is a telescope! The Revolution Imager is way more sensitive than your eyes alone and can show you details that you would never see otherwise. Just attach the viewing screen to the OTA, insert the camera into a 1.25” telescope eyepiece socket (be it a focuser, diagonal or 1.25" eyepiece adapter), turn the battery on, and check out the view on the monitor! A wired remote is included that will allow you to alter exposure settings for better views, adjust colors, and more.

This newest version, the Revolution Imager R2, has an easier menu than the original Revolution, as well as better contrast control, and better gain control. Along with being more aesthetically pleasing this new version does a maximum of 5.12-second exposure, stacks up to 6 images, and offers greater onboard image processing.

The 7” Viewing Monitor really is a great idea, because you don’t have to use your computer to see what the Revolution Imager R2 is imaging! This is also wonderful for outreach, groups, or children and adults who have trouble seeing faint deep-sky objects through the eyepiece. It receives its power, as does the camera, from an included battery pack that provides approximately 4-5 hours of charge.

The Revolution Imager R2 System includes some accessories that will help you make the most out of views through your particular telescope. If your scope has a focal ratio higher than f/4, or if you want wider views, simply attach the .5X Reducer by threading it onto the camera. Or, if your telescope is a refractor, you might be interested in incorporating the included UV/IR Cut filter, which will help with focusing and allow you to achieve nicer looking stars.

This video camera will work with just about any telescope on the market today. If you have a tracking mount, you will be able to take longer exposures and see fainter details, but even if you have an alt-azimuth mount or an equatorial mount without motorization, you can still see “more” with the Revolution Imager R2. Check out YouTube to see examples of customers using the Revolution Imager with different types of telescopes, for daytime viewing, solar viewing, and nighttime imaging.

Comes with Free Video Capture Adapter Kit
for a Limited Time!

The USB Video Capture Adapter will allow you to capture images and videos from the Revolution Imager R2 so that you can share them with the world. This adapter also opens up the world of digital imaging software that will allow you to use software like SharpCap and AstroToaster to live-stack images from the Revolution Imager. Stacking allows you to create images that show fainter details in celestial objects, even from your own backyard. Another great software program is RegiStax, which will produce beautiful images of the planets and Moon. All three of these programs are available for free by going to their respective websites.

This USB capture device uses the standard USB Video Capture driver that is included in most operating systems and should not require you to install the driver on the supplied CD. The folks at Revolution Imager have tested this device as "Plug and Play" on Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10 and Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS.

Please Note: Our customers are awesome! Check out the wiring diagrams in the Files tab. James E Meyer has created a diagram for those who use the Revolution Imager as a stand-alone unit, and one for wiring the Revolution Imager when used in conjunction with the Revolution DVR. Thanks, James!

Also note that the wired remote has a "down" button that is not used for any adjustments, etc. for the Revolution R2 Imager. The down button is not functional, but that is as expected. Your R2 will work perfectly fine without it.