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Starlight Xpress Trius Pro 834C USB Hub CCD Camera - Color - 100-0068

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SKU: SLX-100-0068

Starlight Xpress Trius Pro 834 USB Hub CCD Camera - Color

The Trius Pro 834 Color CCD Camera from Starlight Xpress is great for astrophotographers working with wide field, deep-sky imaging. It is best suited for focal lengths of 300mm to 600mm and is part of the SONY OCX 1" format sensor series offered in the Starlight Xpress Trius Pro cameras. This Trius Pro camera is great for optics that have very short focal lengths. Refractors and DSLR camera lenses would benefit greatly from this fantastic camera!

The CCD chamber is purged with Argon gas to keep the chamber moisture free, and the AR coated fused silica window sits at the front of the camera. The Trius Pro 834 camera also has a built-in USB hub to aid in driving the guide camera and filter wheel (not included).

One of the best features of the Trius Pro cameras come from its ability to produce better read-noise figures, Trius Pro-814 CCD Camera Features

  • Lower read-noise than CMOS cameras
  • High QE
  • Ultra-low Dark Current
  • Argon filled CCD Chamber
  • Built-in Powered USB Hub
  • Front Plate Can Be Collimated
  • Faster Download Speed
  • Compact and Lightweight

Starlight Xpress Trius Pro 834C CCD Camera Specs

  • Sensor: SONY ICX 1” format sensor series
  • Color or Monochrome: Color
  • Cooled or Uncooled: Cooled
  • Pixel Array: 4240 x 2824
  • Pixel Size: 3.1uM x 3.1uM
  • Full Well Depth: >8K
  • Data Format: 16 bits
  • Computer Interface: Built-in USB 2.0
  • Image Download Time: 3.5 seconds
  • Delta Cooling: -45°C
  • Read Noise: 3-e
  • Dimensions: 75 mm diameter x 70 mm length
  • Weight: 0.9920802 lb

Sony ICX834 Color CCD Imaging Sensor

Boasting microlens technology and antiblooming protection, this Starlight Xpress Trius Pro-834 camera employs a 12 MP Sony ExView ICX834 interline transfer color CCD image sensor with a 13.2 mm x 8 mm image size, 4250 x 2838 effective pixel array, and 3.1 µm sized pixels for high resolution. In addition you'll experience outstanding sensitivity across the visual band with the ICX834's 77% peak quantum efficiency at 560 nm and extremely low dark current.