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Starlight Xpress Trius Pro 36 USB Hub CCD Camera - Mono - 100-0070

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SKU: SLX-100-0070

Starlight Xpress Trius Pro 36 USB Hub CCD Camera - Mono

One of the best features of Starlight Xpress Trius Pro's design is that the electronics provide even lower read-noise figures that are better than CMOS cameras used at unity gain. With the 16bit data and the impressive cooling system, this camera design is making dark frames a thing of the past. No longer are calibration frames compulsory, they are optional. This gives astrophotographers more time to capture those impressive night sky images through data capture and image processing.

The Trius Pro Cameras are building on the success of the previous Trius cameras. These cameras are designed with a built-in USB 2.0 Hub that allows for fewer cables to be connected to the computer. With this hub, the filter wheel and the guide camera can be connected directly to the CCD Trius camera, allowing for less clutter.

Trius Pro CCD Camera Features

  • Lower Read-Noise Than CMOS Cameras
  • High QE
  • Ultra-Low Dark Current
  • Argon Filled CCD Chamber
  • Built-in Powered USB Hub
  • Front Plate Can Be Collimated
  • Faster Download Speed
  • Compact and Lightweight

Trius Pro 35 CCD Camera Specifications

  • Color or Monochrome: Monochrome
  • CCD Sensor: KAI-16070
  • Mega Pixels: 16M
  • CCD Size (mm): 36.3 x 24.2
  • Number of Pixels: 4904 x 3280
  • Pixel Size: 7.4um x 7.4um
  • Download Time: 7 seconds
  • Read Noise: 9e-
  • Delta Cooling: -40°C
  • Camera Dimensions: 118 in diameter x 112 in length
  • QE: 52%
  • Camera Weight: 2.42508 (1.1kg)
  • Full Well Depth: >30K
  • Data Format: 16 bit