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ZWO ASI071MC Pro Color Astronomy Camera - ASI071MC-P

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ZWO ASI071MC Pro Color Astronomy Camera
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This ZWO ASI071MC Pro Camera employs a Sony IMX071 color sensor. It boasts a fully upgraded anti-dew and mechanical body widened to 86 mm compared to the previous version of the ASI071 which was 78 mm in diameter. The chamber is sealed via 6 screws. This design improves the CMOS chamber seal to prevent dew or frost from affecting the sensor. Air leaks are not an issue, and the camera maintains its dryness in any environment.

With low read noise and high dynamic range, this camera offers exceptional performance for astrophotography. The PCB board on the ASI071MC Pro has also received an upgrade. Compared to the Cool version, dark current noise has been drastically reduced and is now similar to a CCD camera.

Cooling System

The ASI071MC Pro Color Camera features a two-stage TEC cooling system for extremely deep cooling at -35ºC below ambient. An external power supply is required in order to operate the cooler. An AC-DC adapter is not included with this package, but can be purchased through the Recommended Accessories section of this page.

Anti-Dew Heater

The protect window is heated by the anti-dew heater to avoid any dew problems. Heat power is approximately 6 W and can be switched off via software to save power.

DDR Memory Buffer

For improved data transfer stability, the ASI071 Pro has an integrated 256MB DDR3 memory buffer. This also eliminates amp-glow issues commonly caused by slow speed data transfer during readout with USB2.0 ports. The DDR memory buffer is the key distinction between ASI "Pro" cameras and ASI "Cool" cameras.

ASIair Pro Camera Control (sold separately)

There is a wireless camera control solution available for this camera, and it's called the ZWO ASIair Pro. This small wireless module allows you to focus, take images, make adjustments with your smartphone or tablet, and even do plate solving and computerized mount control with the built-in SkySafari bridge. If you'd like to add an ASIair Pro to your camera order, you can find it in the suggested accessories section.

Sony IMX071 CMOS Color Imaging Sensor

ZWO ASI071MC Pro astronomy cameras utilize the Sony IMX071 CMOS color imaging sensor with Exmor technology. The most acclaimed sensor produced by Sony, the IMX071 is an APS-C sized sensor that provides 16 megapixel resolution and a huge 4944x3284 pixel array comprised of 4.78 µm pixels. Enclosed in a sealed heated chamber to prevent dew accumulation, this front-illuminated sensor boasts a 14bit dynamic range as well as extremely low readout noise.

ZWO ASI071MC Pro Color Astronomy Camera Specifications

  • Camera Sensor: Sony IMX071 CMOS color sensor
  • Sensor Diagonal: 28.49 mm
  • Resolution: 16.2 MP
  • Pixel Array: 4944 x 3284
  • Pixel Size: 4.8 µm x 4.8 µm
  • Bayer Pattern: RGGB
  • Max FPS at Full Resolution: 10
  • Shutter: Rolling
  • Minimum Exposure: 64 µs
  • Maximum Exposure: 2,000 sec
  • ROI: Supported
  • Read Noise: 2.3 - 3.3e
  • Full Well: 46ke
  • ADC: 14bit
  • DDRIII Buffer: 256 MB
  • Non-Volatile Memory/On-Camera Storage: Built-in 192K total user-accessible space (image size up to 480 x 320)
  • Interface: USB 3.0/USB 2.0
  • Protect Window: AR
  • Adapter: M42x0.75
  • Back Focus Distance: 17.5 mm
  • Cooling: Regulated Two-Stage TEC
  • Delta T: 35°C-40°C below ambient
  • Cooler Power Consumption: 12V at 3A Max
  • Working Temperature: -5°C - 45°C
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C - 60°C
  • Working Relative Humidity: 20% - 80%
  • Storage Relative Humidity: 20% - 95%
  • Diameter: 86 mm
  • Weight: 22.6 oz. (640 g)