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ZWO ASI183GT Monochrome Camera w/ 5-Position Filter Wheel - ASI183GT

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ZWO ASI183GT Monochrome Camera w/ 5-Position Filter Wheel

ZWO GT cameras capture the functionality of traditional ZWO camera designs but incorporate the technology of an integrated electronic filter wheel (EFW) to give another level to this CMOS camera. There are many exciting features, some which include the ultra-quiet 5-Position EFW, a 12V power distribution, an integrated USB2 hub, and several accessories.

The ZWO ASI183GT camera uses low read noise, low dark current, and a high dynamic range, 12.5 stops, to be an extremely useful tool for astrophotographers who wish to explore the night sky and capture those memories. Moreover, it comes with a built-in 12bit ADC and a 256MB DDR3 memory buffer which improves the camera's data transfer reliability.

Camera Cooling System

The ASI183GT Camera has a 2 stage cooling system. It has deep cooling abilities, 40°C - 45°C below ambient. The body of the camera is designed with 24 heat radiating grooves with fitted dual maglev fans. This ensures that temperature difference stays between 40°C - 45°C below ambient.

In order to power the cooler, an external power supply (not included) is needed. The recommended power supply is a 12V/3-5A or more DC adapter. A battery with a 9-15V is also suitable to power the cooler.

Integrated Filter Wheel

The included electronic filter wheel, driven by a very quiet, high grade stepper motor, accepts both 1.25" and 31 mm filters. Please note that the thickness of the 1.25" filters cannot exceed 7 mm (without threads). The thread must be shorted than 2.5 mm so the filter wheel does not strike the camera housing.

The integrated filter wheel, EFW, is CNC machined out of an aircraft grade aluminum block. It was then finished in a hard-wearing anodized finish. You can be rest assured that ZWO has factored in internal light reflections. The inner surface of the EFW has been treated to avoid those specific reflections.

ASI183 GT Ports

ZWO has included multiple ports on the body of the ASI183 GT camera.

The body of this camera has a 12V power supply port, a USB3.0 port, and a USB 2.0 hub.

Included Items

The following items are included in the purchase of the ASI183 GT Camera:

  • M42 to M48 Adapter
  • 3 M42 Spacers
  • M42-M48F-12L Extender
  • M48-M48F-16.5 Extender
  • M2 Screws
  • 2m USB 3.0 Cable
  • 0.5m USB 2/0 Cable
  • 0.5m USB2.0 Type-C Cable
  • Cross Head Screw Driver
  • Filter Mask

ASIair Pro Camera Control (sold separately)

There is a wireless camera control solution available for this camera, and it's called the ZWO ASIair Pro. This small wireless module allows you to focus, take images, make adjustments with your smartphone or tablet, and even do plate solving and computerized mount control with the built-in SkySafari bridge. If you'd like to add an ASIair Pro to your camera order, you can find it in the suggested accessories section.