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Astrophotography Deal - Celestron 11" RASA - $1000 Off - Now Only $2595 - Limited Quantity On Hand

Astro Photography

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ADM V Series Guidescope Kit For Celestron C8 - V-C8-125

SKU: ADM-V-C8-125
  • Type of Mounting Hardware: Ring Kits
  • Dovetail or Attachment Type: V-Series (Vixen)
  • Solid or Split (Cradle) Ring: Solid Ring(s)
ADM V Series Side-By-Side Dovetail System with MiniMax Guider

ADM Accessories V Series Side-By-Side System w/MiniMAX Guider - VSBS-MINIMAX

  • Type of Mounting Hardware: MaxGuide/Aiming Kits
  • Dovetail or Attachment Type: V-Series (Vixen)
  • Dovetail, Saddle or Mount Adapter Length: 11"
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